iconKate’s classes are energetic, and after them I feel energised, relaxed and soothed. I know all three statements seem contradictory, but it’s true. At the end of the lesson it feels like all the cobwebs have been blown away, and I am cool, calm and collected, ready for the rest of the week. Kate puts her all into her classes, and I’m always singing her praises.
– Beverley Jackson
It’s difficult for me to express just how much Kate’s yoga class has helped me – and in so many ways. I have never been a sporty person and previously never thought of exercise as a pleasurable activity. However, I’d heard many great things about yoga so I thought I’d give it a shot. I’m so, so glad I did! Kate is wonderful, and a natural teacher – she radiates with a lovely warm healing energy. The classes are now without doubt, the highlight of my week. I work long hours and feel that the class is my only time where I have the opportunity to concentrate fully on myself and my body. Kate is patient and encouraging, and seems to have an intrinsic intuition of each pupil’s ability. The classes are so varied and consistently enjoyable, afterwards I always feel a renewed sense of power and contentment. Physically I feel stronger and fitter; mentally I feel calmer and more able to focus; spiritually I feel more aware. Overall in myself I feel happier. Thank you to Kate for believing in me and supporting me, and I look forward to many more classes in the future. I cannot recommend her classes more highly.
– Kate Hewstone
I’d tried a couple of different yoga classes in the past, however, I hadn’t enjoyed them or felt the benefits I’d hoped for. I went to a class of Kate’s when she did a one-off pilot class and it was fantastic! Kate’s approach was so empathetic. The moment the class started, she created the most amazing atmosphere with unobtrusive but calming music and her gentle voice. She clearly told us what to do, helping individuals when necessary but without disrupting others or drawing attention to their difficulties. I came away from the class feeling like I’ve never felt before, and that wonderful calmness lasted several days. I’ve recently been diagnosed with early stages arthritis. I told Kate about this and she is aware of anything that I might struggle with. I also told her what my physio had suggested would help and she has incorporated that into the classes, which is wonderful. When I last saw my physio, he was really impressed with how I had kept the flexibility that he had been working on with me. I have no doubt at all that Kate’s yoga classes played a huge part in this.
– Mary Jewkes

Kate’s instruction and guidance provide the discipline and structure that, for me, are necessary to achieve the most from regular yoga practice. The lessons are varied and interesting, and Kate encourages the group members constantly to improve their practice in a friendly and constructive atmosphere. As a result yoga remains as fresh to me now as it was when I started. I recommend Kate to anyone who wants to start yoga or, having mastered the basics, is keen to develop under a friendly and dynamic Instructor.
– John

iconKate’s yoga is magic, after just one session I feel so relaxed, energised and healed! I feel a calmness in me. I feel more positivity. Plus, there are yoga moves I never thought I would be able to do and her teaching has made it possible. There is something special about Kate’s yoga. When she teaches, she makes it fun and exciting. She sends positive energy through yoga.
– Nudrat Ansari
I couldn’t possibly explain the amazing qualities of Kate alone and her skills as a yoga instructor in a few short sentences.. Kate is so graceful… her movements are so elegant, and she has that charm, poise, truthfulness and is so sure of what she is doing. I am so impressed with her calmness, compassion, kindness, strength and grace. What amazed me most was that she could teach the class, while doing every asana she was having us to do, and still talk to the whole class, clearly and calmly. Kate has the patience and the skills to allow her students to grow. She is a good listener where injury is concerned and she will be gentle and guide us on how to do the asanas in order not to inflict more injury onto our limbs. As a Yoga instructor, Kate gives us this opportunity to experience oneself, to be in the state of self-awareness.
– Vijaya Desscann
I enjoy yoga because it can be physically challenging and mentally rewarding. As a keen runner I am as stiff as a board and it really helps with flexibility, and sometimes gets you close to complete relaxation. That’s not to say Kate’s classes are easy. In a typical session she can really turn up the dial (sometimes my arms and legs shake), and then we completely unwind (10 minutes of bliss). A real stress-buster in a busy schedule! And after which I sleep so deeply – it must be in the breathing. Kate is very open, warm and friendly. She has great empathy with her students and her enthusiasm is contagious. Her classes are fresh and varied, and she openly tries new things in class with us, which is fun and motivating, as the whole class explores yoga together. I would highly recommend Kate’s classes, particularly to blokes like me that struggle to touch their toes.
– Robert Morrison

Kate’s method, especially the Kundalini class, is slightly different. She is creative with the yoga postures, and when she demonstrates the asanas I think to myself “This looks like ‘yoga dancing’.” Kate makes the postures look so artistic and smooth and easy to do. At the start of her classes my body feels quite stiff, especially my shoulders and neck, but by the end of the class I feel relaxed, happy and at peace within myself but at the same time I am fully satisfied that I have also done a complete work out.
– Hannah Koubayssi