I draw on my wide experience of reiki, intuitive healing, yoga and energy work, as well as my experience in embodied living and creative self-expression to enable you to turn towards and release whatever is holding you back, so you can live your fullest life possible.
– Katharine Wolf

So many of us spend so much time up in our heads, treating our bodies merely as vehicles to transport these brains. Even if we look after our bodies physically, with fresh food and air and plenty of exercise, many of us still abandon them emotionally. Our bodies absorb everything – not only food – and if we are not conscious of this we build up patterns and energy becomes stuck. Reiki can help release stuck energy and balance your overall energy, helping you to move forward in your life in the direction you choose.

At what cost are you holding on to past hurts?

What is it stopping you from letting into your life?

Clear your path to a new and vibrant life with an energy healing session.

When you release pain, you create space for newness to enter; a space of limitless possibilities. Together we will set an intention for your highest good, to enable you to let go of whatever is no longer serving you and use reiki energy to shift energetic blocks and create a space for free flowing energy.

Reiki was recommended to me as an additional way of healing from the past. On my first visit with Kate it became very clear to me just how much unprocessed pain we store unknowingly in our bodies and I realised the damage that this can bring when left untreated. It has been an extremely powerful and healing form of therapy that I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to be freed of their emotional baggage. Kate is a very gifted and insightful woman who makes the journey to freedom possible and opens you to the world of possibilities.
– Katherine Nowik

To book your reiki session, please contact Katharine. Remember, as with all healing, the effects of reiki will not be long-lasting unless you take on the responsibility to make the changes that need to be made.

  • Cost: £60/hr
  • Multi Save: Buy 3 for £50 = £150 (save £30)