This is when ‘namaste’ really comes alive for me; all that is good in me greets all that is good in you.
– Katharine Wolf

Katharine offers 1:1 yoga for children with SEN, where she works with the child and the family from a place of unconditional love, patience, mindfulness, care and presence, never promising miracles, but creating a space that will allow the child to reach their potential by trusting the yoga, trusting the child and trusting the process.


Yoga sees the potential in everyone, rather than the limitations. We all have both, and we all move forward more powerfully when we choose to work with our potential. Katharine trained in ‘Yoga for the Special Child’ with Jo Manuel. She has worked as a carer, a nanny and a befriender for children with additional needs, and also as a clown, creative workshop leader and performer with her theatre company, Cobblers. She brings all of this experience to her yoga classes with the children and enjoys using her natural creativity and playfulness to make the classes enjoyable, engaging and fun – while also being of huge benefit to the child’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

I have learnt to say the word impossible with great caution.
– Verner von Braun


Many children with additional needs are reverse breathers – this is when your diaphragm goes up instead of down when you inhale. If you are reverse breathing, it is almost impossible to self-soothe. Through learning to breathe properly in yoga, your child will develop the ability to relax. This will benefit their nervous system and as a result their immune systems and digestive functioning will improve. The yoga will also help them to become more aware of their bodies, develop spatial awareness and motor control. Through regular practice, they will be able to improve muscle strength and flexibility as well as focus and concentration. All this, and it’s fun!

A happy mum says:

Special needs yoga for my 8 year old daughter is perfect for her. She has lots of medical conditions including ADHD, autism and severe learning disabilities. Yoga gives her an awareness of her body and how to use it. She is calm and relaxed throughout and says she loves it! I find that physiotherapy works on a specific area but yoga helps with the whole body and the whole person.
– Sonya William

Download an information sheet on Katharine’s 1:1 SEN yoga here. For further information or to make a booking, please email Katharine via her contact form.

  • Cost: 1 session £45
  • Multi Save 1: Buy 4 for £40 = £160 (save £20)
  • Multi Save 2: Buy 12 for £40 = £480 (save £60 PLUS receive a free class for yourself)

If this is beyond your means, I have created a support a child scheme to help you, so please get in touch.

Katharine is the Artistic Director of Cobblers Theatre Productions, a theatre company which creates theatre with and for children and young people with additional needs. Cobblers was co-founded with Elizabeth Grace through a mutual passion for playfulness and a shared belief in the power that creativity holds to break down barriers of fear and open exciting new doors of communication and possibility. For information on Katharine’s creative work with children with additional needs, please see