Your Worst Fear thumbnail

Your Worst Fear

You know how when you receive certain compliments you almost brush them off – “yeah, yeah” and yet there are certain other words that have you welling up? Well, it’s the same with what we DON’T want people to think about us. Think about it. Have you […]


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A reminder

There is nothing to force or MAKE happen Your power is FAR GREATER than that You are too strong for any violence… especially towards yourself There is nothing to work out or get right You are too big for HOW-TO’s… You can continue on your path […]


Top 10 Self-Care Tips for Long Haul Flights thumbnail

Top 10 Self-Care Tips for Long Haul Flights

On Thursday, I'm off to Baltimore for a training retreat with my coach. I'm excited about this for many reasons - one being a belief that we share - that retreats are THE best way to experience a transformation or breakthrough in your Life and Business. […]


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Getting Personal

OK, so A LOT of people are asking… it's time to give you the full low-down. Why am I moving to Dartmoor? I could give so many answers. The broadest, and one of the truest, is this: I need more nature. I need more space. I […]


Four Seasons In One Womb thumbnail

Four Seasons In One Womb

a little glimpse of my sacred space, which honours the seasons and the changing nature of all things Your head is pretty cool. Every time we travel somewhere, turn on the computer, or communicate with a friend in another city (let alone another country) we are […]