moor rain
Today I want to share this video message I recorded for you all the way from wet and windy Dartmoor… out in the wild, where my soul is free.

If your soul’s calling you to join us on retreat, there are still a few spaces left… but you’ll need to move fast, as solstice is drawing near and I have an inkling they’ll be snapped up soon. Click here to find out more.

Click to tweet: “Winter solstice is approaching. A time for doing less, being more and listening to your soul.” – @flowtofreedom

Over to you

Where do you go to be wild and free when the weather’s bad? Outside, or in a warm cosy cocoon? And how will you be celebrating the upcoming solstice? Let me know in the comments below; I’d love to hear about your own rituals and celebrations at this darkest point of the year.

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Photo credit: Space & Light via / CC BY

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